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Premier Autoworkers, Inc. sets the standard for a safer workplace.

Occupational health and safety means more than just posting a few signs. It means having solutions in place that prevent injury or accident through education and awareness. Regular audits, training and documentation are key building blocks that are often overlooked. By offering in-depth evaluation and certified safety training programs combined with visuals and proven effective safety components, Premier fills in the gaps with a flexible, comprehensive approach.

Our Value Proposition

Premier Autoworkers, Inc. sets the standard for a 
		safer workplace.

Premier's ISO process-driven approach to project management, implementation, and customer relationship management differentiates us from our competitors. Premier Autoworkers, Inc. has moved to the forefront of technology by developing Factory Solutions™, a web-based software program that was designed to maintain visual procedures within manufacturing environments. This program provides a platform upon which clients can manage evolving processes and capitalize on the benefits of an electronic document management system. Premier has earned Compliance Magazine's Commitment to Worker Safety award for creating this innovative software program.

Premier Autoworkers, Inc. seeks to continuously improve on our capabilities and services with a strong focus on customer relationship management and the tools required to accurately measure customer satisfaction. As part of this initiative, Premier has developed a "Voice of the Customer" module that allows us to implement, measure, and improve the efforts that lead to complete customer satisfaction. With this tool, we are able to:

  • Listen to our customers
  • Determine what our customers need and expect
  • Create a positive experience our customers will remember
  • Eliminate barriers to our customers' success
  • Measure progress with customer feedback
  • Implement enhancements to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Safety: A Solid Investment

A Liberty Mutual survey shows that 61% of executives say $3 or more is saved for each $1 invested in workplace safety, while 13% report $10 is returned for each $1 invested.*

The same Liberty Mutual study indicates that 93% of survey respondents report a close relationship between the direct cost and indirect costs associated with a workplace accident, with 40% of them believing that between $3 - $5 of indirect costs exist for each $1 of direct costs.*

OSHA's Office of Regulatory Analysis estimates that companies that implement effective health & safety programs can expect reductions of 20% - 40% in their injury and illness rates and a return of $4 to $6 for every $1 invested.**

In the 2001 article Measuring Safety's Return on Investment, the authors indicate that there is a direct correlation between a company's performance in safety and its performance, productivity and financial results (as alluded to by Forbes' 1999 financial rankings where ten of the most successful US businesses were participants in OSHA's VPP program).**

Leading motivations for taking safety actions (based on a survey of top employers):

  • Cost of workers' compensation insurance
  • Right thing to do
  • Increases profitability
  • Federal/State safety rules
  • Too many accidents
  • Productivity
  • OSHA fines
  • Employee concerns

* Liberty Mutual Executive Survey of Workplace Safety
** American Society of Safety Engineers, White Paper Addressing the Return on Investment for Safety, Health and Environmental SH&E) Management Program, June, 2002

What are your Organization's Safety Goals?

Whether your motivation is . . .

  • To implement a safety/training program;
  • To improve productivity and efficiency;
  • To meet the requirements of OSHA regulations;
  • To update and enhance your current safety program;
  • To achieve VPP status;
  • To develop a corrective action plan as a result of citations/audits;

or a combination of any of the above . . .

Premier can assist you.

Our products and services are the building blocks to "Best Practices".