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Premier Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Premier Autoworkers, Inc. Specializes in O&M Manuals for all Systems.

We specialize in compiling O&M Manuals for all systems - from Electrical, and Mechanical to any Special Systems in your facility. These manuals contain detailed descriptions of each piece of equipment and system and provide all operating and control sequences, maintenance schedules, emergency and fault finding information, recommended spare parts lists, as-built drawings and schematic diagrams, safety notices and potential hazards, manufacturer information and documentation, and all information necessary for the safe and efficient operation of your building or facility.

Phase I - Conduct Project Alignment

A project alignment meeting will be conducted at the outset of the project. Premier will meet with plant training representatives and technical personnel to finalize the project plan and to answer any questions regarding the project schedule, objectives and deliverables. The importance of this alignment meeting is to define how Premier will interface with plant personnel. The expected outcome will contribute to a smooth development and review process, which will allow the project to be completed in a timely manner. The format, content, and delivery schedule will be finalized. The technical review process will also be covered in detail during this meeting.

Phase 2 - Conduct Front-End Analysis and Data Collection

Premierís project team will collect data as required to begin project development. The team will observe system operation, review existing documentation, and interview control's engineers and subject matter experts as appropriate. Data will be collected on-site and at the plant site. Data collection during this phase will be done in a manner to minimize the impact on operations and to identify job tasks and appropriate task data. Development research will begin by reviewing and using wiring diagrams and piping layouts. Premierís staff will conduct this research in the process of familiarizing our team with equipment operation.

Phase 3 - Review of O&M and Training Materials Drafts

As manual materials are completed they will be submitted to client for review. At that point the client can release copies to the plant or at their discretion allow Premier to initiate the review process. In either case the client maintains control of this process. Premier anticipates that all reviews will be performed in a timely manner to allow Premier to control costs and perform the project within the schedule requested by the plant. Several review/revision cycles for the module will be allowed based on a progressive timing schedule for the project. Each review should be returned within 2 weeks of delivery in order to maintain a proper schedule.

Phase 4 - Incorporate Review Comments into Training Courseware Materials

Premier will review and incorporate the clients comments into the operation and maintenance Manual materials conforming to the design and format that were agreed upon during the earlier phases of the project. Therefore, it is expected that the majority of the comments will be technical and there will be minimal comments regarding the design of the material. If situations exist where there is some doubt as to whether a comment should be incorporated, Premierís project manager and the Plant representative will be consulted to help make the final decision. Upon implementation of all agreed edits, Premier will furnish two (2) Final Submittals in hard and electronic copies or as what the RFQ requires.

Our technical writers and engineers are knowledgeable in all aspects of these systems.