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Safety Audit

Third Party Safety Audit | Safety Audit Motivations

Let Premier Autoworkers Perform Your Safety Audit.Safety Audit

Third party safety audits are key in assisting your company to achieve full compliance with applicable federal and state safety and health regulations. Whether you are looking to develop an elite safety program or maintain OSHA compliance, or desire new ideas from experienced safety professionals, Premier, Inc. can help. Premier, Inc. can conduct third party safety audits, generate a report that identifies any corrective actions required, and then indicate facility safety solutions based on "Best Practices".

Potential Scope of Safety Audit

Key Considerations of Third Party Safety Audits
• Review any hazard assessments conducted for specific health & safety programs.
• Conduct a facility, "Wall to Wall" safety inspection to reveal any non-compliances.
• Review all accident investigations to identify, areas of potential concern, investigation procedures, & corrective actions, etc.
• If requested; review employee involvement, safety and health training, and air sampling processes and results.

Safety Audit Motivations:

Increase Profitability With A Premier Autoworkers Safety Audit.

• Cost of workers' compensation insurance
• Right thing to do
• Increases profitability
• Federal/State safety rules
• Too many accidents
• Productivity
• Avoid OSHA fines
• Employee concerns
• Increased Quality
• An Increase in Shareholders Value
• Good Corporate CitizensAvoid OSHA Fines and Increase Quality With a Premier Autoworkers Safety Audit.
• Social Responsibility
• Prevents Employee Injury
** Based on results of safety audit surveys with top employers