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Safety Visuals

Workplace Safety Visuals | Safety Visual Illustrations

Safety Visuals

Safety visuals from Premier Autoworkers Inc. set the standard for a safer workplace. Premier's graphic illustrators can design and create the appropriate instructional safety visual based on your facility's needs. Wherever there is a need for general instructions and recommendations for a safety visual procedure, Premier Autoworkers Inc. is the perfect choice. Premier's ISO process-driven approach to project management, implementation, and customer relationship management differentiates us from our competitors.

Premier Autoworkers, Inc. has moved to the forefront of technology by developing Factory Solutions™, a web-based software program that was designed to maintain visual procedures within manufacturing environments. We provide safety visuals that include color conventions required by OSHA and are utilized in the design of hazard warnings and notifications. Safety visual illustrations, pictographs and instructional language are clear and concise, capable of being understood by a diverse workforce, without regard to experience, educational/training level or language barriers.

OSHA Compliant Workplace Safety Visuals:

Safety Visuals - Image 1.

Warnings and instructions are designed to convey positive suggestions with respect to hazardous conditions, and are consistent with established practices in industrial plant environments. By depicting processes visually, companies can overcome losses due to employee differences in language, education, reading ability and work experience. Instructional visuals may be used to demonstrate: Machine troubleshooting processes, exploded view components, assembly line operations, startup and shutdown procedures, detailed machinery and system operating procedures. Premier's customized safety visual procedure libraries and color-enhanced symbols ensure consistency and standardization throughout your manufacturing environment.