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Visual Factory Signage

Visual Factory Signage

Premier's ISO process-driven approach to visual factory signage, and custom visual management programs differentiates us from our competitors. Premier Autoworkers, Inc. has moved to the forefront of visual factory signage technology by developing Factory Solutions™, a web-based software program that was designed to maintain visual procedures within manufacturing environments. This visual factory signage program provides a platform upon which clients can manage evolving processes and capitalize on the benefits of an electronic document management system. Premier has earned Compliance Magazine's Commitment to Worker Safety award for creating this innovative visual factory signage program.

Premier Autoworkers, Inc. seeks to continuously improve on our custom factory safety signage services with a strong focus on customer relationship management and the tools required to accurately measure customer satisfaction. As part of this initiative, Premier has developed a "Voice of the Customer" module that allows us to implement, measure, and improve the efforts that lead to complete customer satisfaction.

Premier, Inc.'s visual factory signage will increase efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. Complex manufacturing tasks and equipment operations can be communicated more easily using clear, well-defined safety signs and OSHA compliant visual factory signage.

By depicting processes visually, companies can overcome losses due to employee differences in language, education, reading ability and work experience. Instructional visual factory signage may be used to demonstrate: Machine troubleshooting processes, exploded view components, assembly line operations, startup and shutdown procedures, detailed machinery and safe system operating procedures.

Did You Know?

Each avoided occupational fatality saves $1,150,000.
Source: National Safety Council: 2005