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Workplace Safety Signs

Visual Safety Signs for Industrial Settings

Workplace Safety SignsWorkplace Safety Signs From Premier Autoworkers.

Premier, Inc.'s workplace safety signs will increase efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. Complex manufacturing tasks and equipment operations can be communicated more easily using clear, well-defined workplace safety signs.

By depicting processes in workplace safety signs, companies can overcome losses due to employee differences in language, education, reading ability and work experience.

Workplace Safety Signs Include:

  • Machine troubleshooting processes
  • Workplace Safety Signs From Premier Autoworkers.
  • Startup and shutdown procedures
  • Exploded view components
  • Detailed machinery and system operating procedures
  • Assembly line operations

Increase safety levels in your facility with workplace safety signs and custom safety tags that help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Wherever there is a need for general instructions and recommendations for a safety procedure, Premier, Inc.'s graphic illustrators can design and create the appropriate series of workplace safety signs and instructional visual based on your specific manufacturing facility needs.

Our workplace safety signs incorporate the OSHA mandated color conventions. Pictographs and instructional language are clear and concise, capable of being understood by a diverse workforce, without regard to experience, training, educational levels or language barriers. Warnings and instructions are designed to convey positive suggestions with respect to hazardous conditions, and are consistent with established safety practices in industrial plant environments.

Did You Know?

Each avoided occupational fatality saves $1,150,000.
Source: National Safety Council: 2005